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Title : Eamiritini - Rimeborn
Release Date : 6. November, 2015
Format : CD

I want to show you my gratitude for you for listening to my music. I feel blessed to have been able to continue my dreams of singing, performing and recording music in Sámi for ten years now. It has been a journey that has led to this album. It is my third solo album, but for me it feels like my debut album, because why I express myself through voice has changed. In this album I am much more influenced by the traditional sami yoik. The past few years I more clearly see the uniqueness of our culture – the Sami culture, as I have travelled around the world, and seen similarities and differences compared to other cultures. This has inspired me to highlight and celebrate our uniqueness through art.
I have also understood the importance of knowing my own culture and heritage. It is easy to feel lost without roots to nurture and take knowledge and values from. The making of this album has brought me closer to my origin, and has made me feel reborn.
Three years ago I moved back to Sápmi after 16 years away. I decided to do this because I wanted to bring the experience of the arctic life with me on stage. I wanted to be and manifest the qualities that come from the arctic living and culture. I am aiming to express and share these values on stage, therefore it was important to me that I return to my roots and live my culture every day. This has resulted in tracks that are personal, and inspired by the way music is made in Sami culture.
It is common practice to yoik people, mountains, nature and animals for Sami people. On this album you will hear yoiks and songs dedicated to my cat Lynxie, my neice Enya, my grandmother Inga, trees, a dance festival – Gothla.uk – that shaped my life, and personal experiences while living in Sápmi the past few years.
My birthday is in autumn-winter, and it is the season of both green leaves and rime. It is the most beautiful season of the year to me. Enjoy!
Ává/hugs Elin Kåven


1. Jávkan / Vanished 5:16
2. Hiras / Demure 4:11
3. Lynxie 3:30
4. Gothla 3:58
5. Gávnnahallan / Revealed 3:39
6. Muorat dánsot / Trees dance 1:58
7. Enya 5:26
8. Dohkká / Doll 1:17
9. Friddja / Free 3:11
10. Veahkkin / Help 1:20
11. Gárdin-áhkku / Grandmother Inga 3:27
12. Àlgu / Beginning 1:34

Buvttadan/Producer Juhani Silvola in Mattiland Studio, Oslo 2015.
Sánit/Lyrics Elin Kåven.
Buot šuoŋat/All composition Elin Kåven ja/and Juhani Silvola earret/exept ”Gárdin- áhkku / Grandmother Inga” by Elin Kåven ja/and Odd-Erling Simensen.
Buot musihkka ja čuojanasat/All music and instruments by Juhani Silvola in Mattiland Studio earret/except:
Rumbbut/Percussion Timo Silvola.
Fidjol /Fiddle and viola Sarah-Jane Summers (1,2,4,6,7).
Barython gitára/guitar Odd-Erling Simensen in Stierdna Studio (11)
Lávlun báddejuvvon/Vocals recorded in Stierdna Studio, Máze (1,2,5,8,10,11,12), Mattiland Studio, Oslo (4,6,7,9) ja/and Alta Lydstudio (3),
Miksen/Mixed Juhani Silvola ja/and Christoffer Brenna.
Master Morgan Nicolaysen/Propeller Mastering.
Govven/Photos June Bjørnback.
Hábmen/Cover design Lena Thiele.

Ruhtadan Norgga Sámediggi, Ruoŧa Sámediggi ja Sámeráđđi / Funding Norwegian Sámi Parliament, Swedish Sámi Parliament and Saami Council.

www.elinkaaven.com www.nordicnotes.com

Giitu/Thank you: Buot ja buohkat geat leat dorjon mu/Everything and everyone who support me, my beautiful fans, Lynxie, Komsafjellet, eatni ja pappa, Jens, Mia, Ida Alicia, Enya, Inga Ravna Eira, June Bjørnback, Heaika, Inger Karin Walland (Inka), Ronald Kvernmo/Isogaisa festival, Fredrik Prost, Peter Fourbears Armstrand, Param Olsen, Torsten Mäkitaavola, Logi Benedictson, Linda Solaas, Wenche Yoon Wolden, Mari Lorentsen, Graveniid, Tommy Sarilla, Kreativ Industri, Samediggi, www.gothla.uk, Heike Humphreys, Bridie, Rosie, Sue, Gothla Team and dancers, Micah, Miriam Gjerstad, Ingunn Lyngstad, Alta Magedans og Tribal-damene der, Linda- Cecilie Fredriksen, Marit Karlsen, Petter Berg, Benedicte Lyng, Elisabeth Lyng, Ba-Rock, Freddy L. Larsen, Odd-Erling Simensen, Toril Bakken Kåven/Nordlysmat, Christian Pliefke.

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