Last year in august Elin Kåven met Robin Mortensen Lynch and they wrote a song together called “First Step in Faith – Oadjebasvuhtii”. Robin has produced a few songs for Eurovision, so they dcecided to send the song there. “Alot of people write we every year and encourage me to participate in Eurovision, so I decided..why not try? And wouldnt you believe! We are one of the 10 finalists! And there where over 1036 demos sent, so it´s hard to belive we where elected!”, Elin says.

Elin & The Woods first ever gig will be at Norwegian Eurovision 11th of march 2017!

Instagram and snapchat: elinandthewoods!

Follow us around, and be sure to vote on us if you live in Norway!

Håper du vil stemme på oss på Melodi Grand Prix!!

Savan ahte mu jienastat Melodi Grand Prixas!!

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